About D. L. Weiner

Welcome to my site ! Since I find writing in the third person difficult I'm just going to be me. I've been performing in the Baltimore, Washington, Virginia area since the mid 1960's. I've performed with bands and solo and pretty much any type of music you can think of. I took off for about twenty years to help raise children then decided that I wanted to come back to my love of performing. I also began writing. 

I love to entertain, along with my trusty "Woodtones" , (my guitars), I love to tell stories, I have a love/hate relationship with my writing and am usually my own worst critic. I try to tell stories that you'll identify with; lost loves, comfort foods, living your life fully, even love songs. One of my great goals as a performer is to tell as good a story as my hero John Prine.My friend and noted local MC Todd C. Walker often calls me "The Working Mans Poet", I always hope to deserve that platitude. I hope that when you hear me you find a laugh, an "awww" moment, or maybe even a small tear.

I draw on performers such as John Prine, Todd Snider, Van Morrison, and Antsy McClain. I've performed in such venues as Brewers Alley, The Frederick Coffee Company,Elk Run Winery, The Red Shedman Brewery and even the Great Frederick Fair. 

 I  always try to give you a smile and a soft thought to take with you until you see me again. Thanks for your time.

D.L. (Dave)  Weiner